Muay Thai C-Class fights

Due to Muay Thai not currently having a BUCS league or anything of the sort, we decided to pilot a scheme whereby we sign up athletes for C-Class professional fights (the shinpads are off and almost anything goes).
The first of our own to take up a C-class fight was Ronan Farrell, our vice captain. Ronan fought on the 25/02/2017 vs  Danny Gillespie.
Ronan had to undergo vigorous training in the weeks leading up to the fight as he took the fight at 63 kg meaning Ronan had to lose a stunning 4/5 kg for the fight. A diet of vegetables and eggs in the weeks leading up to the fight, and a 24-hour fast the day before weigh-ins saw Ronan in outstanding form leading into the fight. 
A large crowd of Glasgow Muay Thai athletes and friends went along to watch Ronan represent Glasgow Muay Thai and Sit Muangthai fight team from the Everyday Athlete Gym. Ronan is only the 4th fighter to be fighting out of this gym under the guidance of Tommy Young and Martin McCann. In a night riddled with knockouts and majority draws due to outstanding performances on both sides, many of us were visibly shaking with nerves. 
However, it was not needed, secure in his guard Ronan came out strong and composed. Repeatedly taking shots on his guard and returning with a hefty left kick. In the early rounds Danny landed a strong liver kick which seemed to be the first sign of any break in Ronan’s guard. Luckily, the round drew to a close there and then which gave Ronan a chance to recover. From then on, the fight was one-sided in Ronan’s favour as he would defend the shots and return with a left kick, this has become a pattern in Ronan’s recent fights. Danny Gillespie desperately tried landing some spinning back kicks onto Ronan but all failed attempts as the Glasgow fighter was far to focused. 
The fight ended with the judges scorecard ruling a unanimous decision in Ronan Farrell’s favour! This left a lot of the team in tears. When the fight was over, the promoter went over to our coaches to tell them that Ronan’s performance was the best C-Class Performance he had ever seen. An outstanding achievement and one we are so proud of at Glasgow Muay Thai. 
Ronan has paved the way this year for us to enter more C-Class fighters and take the University club to the next level. We now have two of our current members Graham Callison (age 20) and Leo (22) taking up their first C-Class fights in March and April. As well as Muay Thai Alumni Srijan Rai taking up his first C-Class in April. Srijan is very much still a member of the club and something we like to see from our alumni. All fighters have our full support and we wish them the best of luck. 

Scottish Student Trampoline Open

Scottish Student Trampoline Open/ SSS League 3 2017, Edinburgh

The SS Nationals is always one of the best weekends of the student trampolining year, where clubs from England, Scotland and Ireland all come together over two days to compete individual routines on the Saturday and DMT (double-mini trampoline), two trick and synchro on the Sunday. This year in was hosted by Edinburgh University and we took almost 30 students with us to compete.
We arrived on Friday evening in time to join in with Edinburgh’s training session to warm up for the individual competition the next day, before putting on our finest dresses and kilts out to ceilidh dance with all the clubs at Edinburgh’s union.
Saturday was the individual routines competition with levels from novice to pro-elite. We had a very successful day coming away with 5 individual medals and silver for our team which leaves us in 2nd place in the SSS League.
A massive congratulations to fresher, Gabrielle Holness’ who on her first competition with us got silver for intermediate ladies, the largest category of the weekend with 77 competitors! Our other medals came from: Liam Gibbons, bronze for inter-advanced men open and silver for the league; Emily Duff, silver for elite ladies for the league; Tim Philips, silver for elite men; Mhairi Kristoffersen, bronze for pro-elite ladies.
The Saturday night social took place at Silk nightclub where the theme was ‘decades’. As a club we collectively went as Aerobic 80’s with our skin tight neon lycra.
We don’t have the equipment to train DMT at our club however entries are open to anyone at these competitions so we had two members competing. Mhairi did it again in the elite ladies category and placed third. We also had two pairs competing synchro. Synchro is a really fun competition which is often only competed in larger competitions such as this. A pair compete the same routine on trampolines parallel to each other and are judged not only on their form but also how in time with the other they are. Although we had fewer competitors on Sunday, the flights that are competing are always very entertaining to watch, especially Two-Trick where very skilled trampolinists perform 2 skills with a very high tariff.
Overall, we had one of our most successful competitions this year and had an amazing weekend. We’re looking forward to League 4 in Stirling next and this has also got us even more excited for the Irish open in April!

Netball Alumni Return to Glasgow

Recently, Glasgow University Netball Club hosted their first ever alumni tournament; with former GUNC players taking on the current cohort of players.
This was hosted in early December in the new sports hall, so for some of the older graduates this was the first time playing in the new facility.
It was a great day had by all with the alumni girls emerging victorious, beating the current team!

GUWRFC off to a winning start to the new year

womens rugby.png

Today GUWRFC faced Greenock Wanderers Ladies in their first Nat 1 league match of 2017.
Glasgow got off to a strong start, managing to gain ground and get points on the scoreboard early, going into half time with a strong 17-0 lead.
The second half saw the ladies take it up a notch, scoring try after try as they powered through Greenock’s defence, sealing a 49-0 win when the final whistle blew.
Try scorers:
Amy McGlashan x1
Leann Benvenete x1
Philippa Abernethy (C) x1
Erin Davie x1
Iona Whyte x1
Kendall King x1
Olivia Baron x3
2 successful conversions made by Philippa Abernethy.
Todays Liquorice Trees Gifts Glasgow players of the match were Olivia Baron (centre) and Caitlin Abernethy (prop). Finally, the Dick of the Day was Erin Davie (full back) who dropped the ball over the line whilst attempting to score a try.
#NoErinStopIt #SundaysARugbyDay

Riding club gallop past the competition

A Team
Wednesday the 24th November played host to the first competition for the Glasgow University Riding Club A team hosted by Glasgow Caledonian. Competing at Busby Equestrian centre we were up against 3 other teams, Glasgow Caledonian, Strathclyde and Heriot-Watt.
First up was the dressage and after drawing our horses we took to the arena to perform a set programme of movements all of which scored on accuracy and execution by the judge. All four team members won their horses so the team took a score of 0 through to the show jumping phase. Jumping draw done and course set the pressure was on to continue our form from the dressage into the jumping. Solid performances from all team members meant we went on to win the show jumping round meaning Glasgow University came home as overall winners of the league completion!
On top of that all four team members came home with individual honours, Tonio Friedmann was 5th, Leona Blacklaws 3rd, Imogen Sherry 2nd and Team Captain Lisa Langridge taking 1st. A good solid start to the season will set us up nicely for the following competitions and our pursuit to qualify for the regional final.
B Team
The club’s B team had their first competition of the year on the 23rd of November. The team travelled to Cumbernauld for Edinburgh’s home competition at Tannoch stables. The team this year consists of Erin Houston, the captain, who has been on B team for the previous two years, Dan Richardson, who was on B team last year, Eilidh Marshall, who competed with C team last year and first year Nelli Vanninen in her debut BUCS competion. The day started at 9am with the draw of dressage horses. All team members rode well in the dressage which is usually the higher weighted discipline. We then stopped for a toastie to warm up before drawing the horses for the showjumping discipline. All team members rode well and jumped clear on their showjumping horses, while both Edinburgh and Herriot-Watt teams incurred faults. After all riders had jumped it was time to get the results. Herriot Watt team 3rd, Edinburgh 2nd and Glasgow 1st! It puts the team in a good position to start the season with a win at an away competition. Individually all team member placed with Eilidh coming away with 6th, Erin taking 4th, Nellie placing 3rd which was a great achievement for her first time at this style of competition, and finally, Dan taking the individual win for the day. The next event of the year will be Glasgow’s home competition taking place on the 8th of February.
C Team
On 30th November 2016, GURC’s C team kicked off the BUCS season with a home competition, and for three out of the four on our team, it was the first time competing in a BUCS competition as freshers. We hosted Glasgow Caledonian’s B Team, Strathclyde’s C Team, and Edinburgh’s C Team. The dressage got off to a good start with everyone producing nice tests, gaining only 16 difference penalties for our team. Moving on to the jumping, everyone felt more relaxed having gotten the most nerve racking part over with. Again, everyone on the team rode well. We had two clear rounds on our team, and another two very good rounds with a couple of unfortunate poles down. Glasgow Caledonian had gained the fewest penalties jumping – 20 – but we were not far behind with 24. Overall our team had the fewest combined penalties, and as a result, were awarded team 1st! We were not out of the individual places either; Abbie Clarke came in 6th, Leigh Pilkington in 5th,
and Caitlin Buchanan in 4th.

Impressive performance in London from Glasgow University Muay Thai

Glasgow University Muay Thai saw 6 fighters take part in an interclub down in London involving 9 English Universities including Kings College, Queen Mary, University College London (The hosts) and Westminster to name a few. This was the first time GUMT traveled anywhere further than Stirling for a fight and the first time GUMT had competed in a contest with so many different universities. 

 We had 3 non-decision fights: Shane Seeley, Melanie Poynor and Katie Hsia. We also had 3 decision fighters, this means that the fights had a determined Winner/loser, something we’ve never had the chance of experiencing yet at Glasgow. Here is a brief summary of all the individual fights. 

 First fighter of the event was Shane Seeley(76kg) taking on Russell J.(78kg) from Aston, Shane began sparring only 3 months ago and his first fight was a mere 2 weeks ago at the Glasgow Interclub but this was not something you would have gussed. Confident, Shane had a strong right kick going for him the whole fight and landed a couple of early head kicks during the first round. It was a well balanced fight from both sides. 

 Next up was Katie Hsia, nicknamed “the truck” for good reason. Katie (58kg) took on India B. (58kg) from Kings College. Katie landed some very strong punches early on and some quality kicks however, India proved to be a tough opponent and the fight started off heavy on both sides. Both fighters were asked to bring the level down early on but it was a strong finish on both sides. 

 Our 3rd and final non-decision fighters was Melanie Poynor (50kg) taking on Audrey Y(63kg!) from Warwick University . Melanie is also new to Muay Thai Sparring and this was her very first fight! Warwick’s fighter was 5kg heavier than she was supposed to be and yet, Melanie accepted the fight and did extremely well. We could not be prouder at GUMT.

 The first of the decision fights, Srijan Rai, a known Muay Femur (Technical fighter). Srijan has been a long-term member of the club and his excellent Muay Thai knowledge and commitment to the sport was very evident in this fight. Srijan (72kg) took on Sam M(72kg) from Warwick. This was a very composed fight on Srijan’s part playing the cool, calm and collected persona fighting with a smile on his face right through to the end. There was no doubt in the crowd’s mind that Srijan was the winner at the end of this fight and it didn’t look like he’d broke a sweat. 

The second decision fight of the night can only be described as blood, sweat and tears. A true dog fight, and what many believed to be the performance of the night featuring GUMT’s own treasurer Shereif Kholeif (79kg) vs Kabir (72kg) from Royal Holloway. Both fighters immediately started with a mixed flurry of punches and low kicks, with neither fighter backing down from the brawl. Shereif displayed his strength in the clinch, using his weight effectively and executing multiple throws. However, the later rounds proved to be a true test of heart from both fighters. Shereif was visibly shaken after round 3 as he was rocked from multiple knees to the body. He whispered to the team “I’m exhausted, those knees hurt too much.” Coach McGinnes told him to give everything he had for the last 90 seconds as the fight was too close to call. Shereif marched into round 4 and unloaded everything he had, multiple uppercuts and a barrage of knees in the clinch sealing the victory. A true display from the underdog and incredible human endurance from both fighters. 

The headliner of the evening saw our very own Ronan Farrell (66kg) take on Jelson Sagay (78kg) from Westminster. This was truly an epic David vs. Goliath. Warwick’s fighter Jelson coming in with; 5 years’ experience over Ronan’s 3; having an extra 12kg which could not have been mistaken for anything apart from pure muscle and having a semi-pro record on the K1 fight scene. Jelson came out hard in the first round, heavy punches and using his weight effectively to drop Ronan onto the floor more than once. What really worked for Ronan throughout the fight was his left kicks, repeatedly landing liver kick’s which eventually proved to be too much for Westminster’s elite fighter. Being the closest call of the night according to the judges, the win was awarded to our very own Muay Tae(kicker) Ronan Farrell giving Glasgow the 3/3 on the decision fights. 

 An impressive feat for GUMT winning our first 3 decision fights in GUMT history. GUMT is extremely proud of the team and the support we got from all of Glasgow whilst we were down in London via social media. Thank you to everyone for the support! We could not have done so well without it!

Glasgow beat Strathclyde in razor-close match

After a long wait, Wednesday 30th November saw Glasgow’s Mens polo take on their biggest rivals, Strathclyde University. This being the first time the two teams have ever come face-to-face in a BUCS league, this was no ordinary league match, with the top spot in the league, and Glasgow’s dignity, at stake. Both teams had every single one of their top players down at the Stevie for what looked to be a ferocious clash. Glasgow were fortunate to have a much larger than usual home crowd by poolside to spur them on.

Strathclyde started the match off well by winning the first quarter swim off, a disconcerting start for Glasgow. The match had a slow start for the first few minutes until Glasgow’s top left-hander Rob Slater put the first goal in. Within the next minute, Glasgow had intercepted Strathclyde’s possession and Slater scored his and Glasgow’s second goal- an optimistic sight for the away team. Strathclyde rebuttled with a goal of their own, scored from the pit position. Determined, Glagow pushed on with James Pulham and Robert Bauchmann (sadly playing in his final league match) scoring a goal a-piece putting Glasgow in the  comforting position of a 4-1 lead going into the second quarter.

The second quarter began with a Strathclyde exclusion. Glasgow had the advantageous opportunity of a man-up attack but they failed to capitalise on it and the scoreboard remained unchanged. Nevertheless it was followed by goal from Slater, increasing Glasgow’s lead to a respectible four goals. The next few minutes saw Strathclyde score their second goal of the match and Glasgow captain Nacho Diez score a fast break, making the score 6-2. The remainder of the second quarter saw things take a turn for the worst for Glasgow with Strathclyde clawing back three consecutive goals and slashing Glasgow’s lead to only one goal. Nerves were beginning to set in for the Glasgow supporters as the match looked to be a lot closer than anticipated.

Strathclyde only increased their momentum in the third quarter, smashing in another goal and putting the score at 6-6. The home team committed two major fouls during the third quarter giving Glasgow two man-up attacks to attempt to regain their lead. However, be it for psychological pressure, a solid Strathclyde defence or a combination of both, Glasgow were unable to make anything of either of them. Finally, Soma Molnar scored a well-needed goal for Glasgow- their first in eight full minutes of play- to an enthusiastic reaction from the Glasgow crowd. Slater, having a relatively weak quarter until now, also scored his fourth of the match reviving Glasgow’s earlier lead. With the score at 8-6, tensions were running high in the pool as both teams could tell that this was going to do down to the wire.

The first attack of the final quarter kicked off with a Glasgow exclusion. Strathclyde played their man-up well tactically but couldn’t put the goal away, a bit of good luck for Glasgow that they certainly needed. Fortunately for Strathclyde they were given another chance less than a minute later, which they managed to put away, narrowing Glasgow’s lead once again. Glasgow carelessly gave away another exclusion; this time Strathclyde managed to score, meaning the score was at 8-8 with only minutes left on the clock. Rob Slater, the highest scorer of the match thus far, put away the ninth and winning goal for Glasgow. Strathclyde had a couple of chances in the late stages of the match, but in the end Glasgow held strong with a close but well-deserved 9-8 victory over their fiercest rivals. Both teams played some fantastic polo over the course of the match, and are no doubt looking ahead to their second clash next semester.

Final Score
Strathclyde (Home) 8 – 9 Glasgow

Team List (Goals)
1. Navid Esmaeili
2. Soma Molnar (1)
3. Andrea Benecchi
4. Marc Gurun
5. Robbie McGhee
6. Martin Kartau
7. Rob Slater (5)
8. Ignacio Diez (1)
9. Robert Bauchmann (1)
10. Scott Chisholm
11. James Pulham (1)
12. Kostas Tsimvrakos
13. Niall McRoberts

Trampoline go to Aberdeen

SSS League 2, Aberdeen, 19/11/2016

The second SSS competition took place in Aberdeen this weekend. We took 17 members competing over a wide range of categories.

After a 4 hour bus journey we arrived in time for the first flight of Novice and Intermediate ladies to warm up. Our first medal came from Sarah Watson. She performed two stunning routines giving her a fantastic score of 47.3 which earned her a very well deserved second place. The next category was intermediate men where our only male fresher competed. This was only his second competition and he did extremely well completing all 20 moves and collecting himself a bronze medal. Our two elite competitors: Emily Duff and Josh Watters were our next medalers, Josh taking silver for elite men and Emily bronze for elite ladies. Finishing off the individual categories we had Mhairi Kristoffersen, another fresher, showing off her sky high, beautifully performed, 6.70 difficulty score routine in Pro-Elite Ladies. She pulled it off perfectly with a double back summersault achieving a bronze medal.

Everyone did so well and we could really see the improvement from dedication to training and hard work since the League 1 in October.

The competition finished with a fun fundraising synchro roulette where you pay £2 to enter your name and get paired with anyone from any club from any category level on the day so they only get a chance to practice their routines once or twice. We had quite a few members from Glasgow taking part as well as helping out, judging and marshalling. Courtney and Jill ended up being paired together despite Courtney being advanced and Jill intermediate. They worked really well as a team and came second winning a box of chocolate. Mhairi was paired with an advanced competitor from Edinburgh and also kept well in sync placing third.

The competition rounded off as usual with a social bringing all the clubs together in a local nightclub in Aberdeen. The theme was emoji’s and everyone put in great amount of effort to their costumes and had a fun filled night.

Comfortable win for Men’s Polo puts Glasgow top of the league

On Wednesday  9th November our Men’s Water Polo team travelled to Aberdeen for their away match against Robert Gordon’s University. After a disappointing loss to Edinburgh 2nds in their previous match, the Men’s Water Polo team were looking to capitalise on what they hoped to be an easy win against RGU. Glasgow had been knocked off 1st place on the league table by their previous loss and this was their chance to recover the top spot, if things went their way. Despite a 3 hour minibus journey the team arrived in Aberdeen feeling confident but not complacent- with some of their best players in the line-up they knew they had the upper hand.

Fresher (and team boy) Niall McRoberts won the swim off, starting a Glasgow attack. After losing his defender Rob Slater received a pass in and easily put away the first goal of the match for Glasgow. RGU’s first attack was saved by Glasgow keeper Navid Esmaeili, and Slater reacts with a well-timed fast break, beating the RGU keeper and scoring Glasgow’s second goal. RGU began to put up a fight, scoring two consecutive goals by taking advantage of some weakness in the Glasgow defence as well as an exclusion. Slater scored another fast break before the end of the first quarter giving Glasgow the slightest of leads, but the away team were beginning to feel the nerves as the match looked tighter than they were anticipating.

Glasgow’s confidence came back in a fantastic second quarter. With the RGU having only two substitutes to Glasgow’s five, the home team were beginning to show fatigue and Glasgow were out-swimming them at every turn. Slater was dominating the pool with a tremendous six goals scored in the second quarter alone, including a lob over the keeper’s head and a particularly impressive backhand shot from outside five metres. Angus Gill, a first year playing his debut match, scored his first goal in a one-on-one with the keeper. James Pulham also scored for Glasgow this quarter with a nice  shot from pit, putting the scoreboard at a healthy 11-3 at the halfway point of the match.

Some drama ensued after goalie Esmaeili cramped his leg before the third quarter started (yes, before). Scott Chisholm, due to his previous keeping experience, took one for the team and substituted in for the injured keeper. Whilst this was not ideal, Glasgow’s lead was significant enough that they were not panicking, and as it turned out they had nothing to worry about, with  the temporary keeper making some good saves and Slater maintaining his excellent form by scoring a handy four goals that quarter. Robbie McGhee also added to Glasgow’s score count after playing well throughout the match.

With Glasgow ahead 16-5, the victory was in the bag in the final quarter. Nevertheless the team still gave it their all to the very end, with Slater- by far the top scorer of the match- putting another three in for Glasgow. RGU kept the quarter level with another three goals of their own, and the final score was a stunning 19-8 to Glasgow. The team could not have hoped for a bigger win, increasing their goal difference and returning them to the top of the league.

Final Score
RGU (Home) 8 – 19 Glasgow

Man of the Match: Rob Slater
Next Match: Aberdeen at Home, Wednesday 16th Nov

Team List (Goals Scored)

1. Navid Esmaeili
2. Robert Buchmann
3. Euan Smyth
4. Marc Gurun
5. Robert McGhee (1)
6. Angus Gill (1)
7. Robert Slater (16)
8. Nacho Diez
9. Adam Amory
10. Scott Chisholm
11. James Pulham (1)
12. Niall McRoberts

Rifle put in a strong performance at Edinburgh leg of the SSS GP

The start of the SSS Edinburgh GP weekend could not have been bumpier for Glasgow, as a 7am start left us fighting icy roads and exhaustion to make it the Edinburgh University Sports Union a mere six minutes before disqualification. However, now that we had made it we were not about to throw away the effort and proceeded to put in our strongest performance so far this year.

Shooting in a foreign range is always disconcerting to some extent, as the position and techniques we have honed in our own familiar set-up must be adapted and maintained in a new space. Combining that with time constraints and trying to keep kit and team members organised can prove testing, especially in a space designed to accommodate a single club; now packed with shooters from all over Scotland.

Despite these circumstances, the team pulled together excellently, with many of our members shooting above their personal averages, some of whom had only picked up a rifle for the first time in September and still managed to hold their own among stiff competition. Notable results include our Ladies’ Captain and Treasurer Olga Goryunova scoring her first perfect 100, our Pairs securing both 1st and 2nd (and consequently the team of Four comprised of both Pairs achieving 1st), the main team of 8 and Ladies’ Triad placing 2nd, Individual 2nd places both overall and in A-Class by Calum Macdonald, and 2nd place in B-Class from Oli Hawes.