Women’s Football take on St. Andrews

GUWFC vs St Andrews 1st Wednesday 05/10/16 The game started strong with GUWFC having the majority of the possession and chances. St Andrews scored an early goal to go up in the first few minutes. Two goals were scored by Courtney Johnston for Glasgow, both of absolutely outstanding quality. This put Glasgow 2-1 up into the second half. With 5 minutes to go St Andrews scored from a free-kick outside the box and then with seconds to go in the game got a lucky final goal to put them 3-2 up and won the game. There was some incredible team work and determination on the pitch, the girls played as a team and for the team. With work and time this team will be undefeatable

Successful season for Ultimate

Glasgow University Ultimate (affectionately known as FarFlung) celebrated one of its most successful seasons yet this year.

The 2015/16 season kicked off with Glasgow entering more teams than any other Scottish university into Scotland’s three beginners tournaments (Stirling Tune Up, Edinburgh Beginner’s and Glasgow One Day), with a mighty 4 teams entered into Stirling Tune Up. This successful start was followed by a record number of members (114) signing up, showing that Ultimate really is fun and competitive at all levels.  

As the indoor season began in earnest the focus turned to Men’s, Mixed and Women’s Indoor Regionals, with high hopes to continue our previous streak of qualifying for and competing at Division 1 Nationals in all 3 categories. Despite the fact that most people only start playing Ultimate at university, Glasgow was able to enter 6 teams into Mixed Indoor Regionals, more than any other university in the UK. After a tense, hard fought final against long standing rivals Dundee, Glasgow came away with the gold as Mixed Indoor Scottish Champions! We also showed strength in depth, as the Glasgow 2 came in 8th beating both Edinburgh 1 and Stirling 1. More medals followed at the Men’s Indoor Regionals, with Glasgow finishing 3rd and also qualifying for Div 1 Nationals. Women’s Indoor Regionals was held in Glasgow for the first time this year, and Glasgow firsts was captained by Amina Malik (previously Captain of the GB U23 team at the World Championships in 2015). After weeks of training and another highly competitive final Glasgow came away victorious as Women’s Indoor Scottish Champions!

At Div 1 Indoor Nationals later in the season Glasgow continued to shine, finishing 5th at Men’s, 4th at Mixed and bringing home bronze medals at Women’s! This is a huge achievement for the club and has really marked Glasgow as the ones to watch in the coming 2016/17 season.

The 2015/16 season was the first time Men’s Outdoors became a Wednesday BUCS league, with our boys finishing up 2nd in Scotland 1A league. A weekend away in St. Andrews for Women’s Outdoor Regionals showed our girls were just as strong, also finishing in 2nd place. FarFlung celebrated its most successful outdoor season yet, competing at Div 1 Nationals across all 3 categories once again and coming home with silver medals from both Mixed and Men’s, bringing home those all-important BUCS points. Even our beginners were at it, finishing 2nd at Rookie Rumble, an outdoor tournament for players who have been playing for <2 years designed to bridge the gap between beginners teams and first teams.

In every way the club has grown this year; we’ve recruited many new faces, built on our alumni network by releasing our new alumni strip and brought home more medals than ever before.

Glasgow’s players have also been proving themselves outside of the FarFlung, with more FarFlung players than ever attending training and competing with Glasgow Ultimate, a club team which competes at an international level. Vice President Hugo Degerth is University Scottish Regional Coordinator, working closely with UKU (Ultimate’s governing body in the UK) to organise BUCS events.

This summer also saw our new Women’s Captain for the 2016/17 season, Kristina Ferencova, competing for the Slovakia Mixed National team at the World Ultimate Championships in London. Kristina was also awarded ‘Slovak Junior of the Year’ and ‘Best Individual Spirit’ by the Slovak Frisbee Association in April this year. Lulu Boyd (previous FarFlung women’s captain) also represented the Ireland Women’s team at the World Ultimate Championships this summer, where our coaches Phil Webb and Shaun Webb won Bronze with the Great Britain Masters team.

International Competition for Men’s Lacrosse Players

An extremely successful season for Glasgow University Men’s Lacrosse Club ended with victory in the BUCS Scottish 1A League and the Scottish Men’s Lacrosse League.

Now 70% of their starting line-up have been selected to play in international competitions in Canada and Hungary!

GUMLC players selected for the Scotland U19 team at the World Lacrosse Championships in Vancouver, Canada are:

Corrie Bruce

Oliver Raine

Sasha Thain

Dominic Koyroytsaltis-McQuire

And selected to represent the Scotland Men’s Senior Team at the European Lacrosse Championships in Godollo, Hungary are:

Tim Mottram

Matthew Hill

Iain Murray

Many congratulations to you all and best of luck for the championships over the summer.


Here is a little bit of background about some of the players who have been selected:

Iain Murray

Iain was born in Canada, and has played lacrosse since the age of 5. He came to the University of Glasgow in 2014 to pursue a Law Degree. In his 2 years on the team helped lead the University of Glasgow Men’s team to two Men’s League Titles and one BUCS Scottish League Championship. Iain has been selected to represent the Scotland Men’s Lacrosse Team at the European Lacrosse Championship in Hungary, and is the Head Coach for the Scotland U19 Men’s Team at the World Lacrosse Championship in Canada. Iain has also previously represented Scotland at the past 2 British National Championships.


Timothy Mottram

Timothy started playing Lacrosse at the University of Glasgow in his first year of Virology undergraduate studies and instantly fell in love with the sport. After playing for 2 years he was selected to play for Scotland at the Lacrosse British National Championships and has been playing national and international matches since then. Now studying for his PhD and entering his 6th year of study, he has witnessed the growth of the men’s lacrosse team from the bottom of the league, to winning both the Men’s championship and Scottish BUCS league.


Matthew Hill

Matthew started playing lacrosse 6 years ago when teacher in his high school playing started up a club and began coaching. He soon caught a love for the sport and has been playing non-stop since. He captained the Scotland U19 team at the World Championship 2012, and has played at the Scotland Senior European championships in 2012 and 2016.MattHill.jpg


Corrie Bruce

Corrie took up lacrosse at age 14, having previously been a keen tennis player. He played mixed lacrosse for 2 years, before transitioning into the men’s game. At age 16 he was selected to play for the Scotland Team at the British National Championships. The following year he played for the Scotland U19 Team at World Championships in Finland. In 2012 he joined Glasgow University Lacrosse Club. He was voted Men’s Captain for the 2014/2015 season and has retained this position for the 2015/2016


Sasha Thain, Oliver Raine and Dominic Koyroytsaltis-McQuire

Sasha, Oliver and Dominic joined the University of Glasgow Men’s team in the autumn of 2014. During their time on the team, they have helped guide the team to 2 Scottish Men’s League Titles, and 1 Scottish League BUCS Championship. They were also all selected for the Scotland team at the British National Championships in 2016.




Kendo Reach Out to Prospective Students

Kendo “Reach” Foundation Session (15/06/16)

kendo reach 3

On Wednesday the 15th of June 2016, Glasgow University Kendo Club were delighted to host a taster session as part of the “Reach” Foundation’s programme for young people wishing to enter the School of Medicine, Vet and Life Sciences and the School of Law. A grand total of forty four pupils as well as two members of staff took part in this event, where the aim was to display the aims of kendo and allow them to try it out. The first segment included a brief introduction from Matej Poliaček (Captain 15/16) who was in charge of the session. This then led into a demonstration of the four target areas in kendo and their names and how to strike them. After this, the members of the club completed a short sample of how normal trainings would run. GUKC Members Demonstrating Normal Practice. This, in turn, led onto the pupils being allowed to try out kendo for themselves. Those who wished to take part were split into groups of 3 and were allocated one experienced member of the team to teach them the basics. Armed with shinai (bamboo swords) they were allowed to make basic cuts on their colleagues, who were taught how to block these in the relevant fashion. They were then allowed to show off what they had learned to the members of the club by practicing their new knowledge on the armoured Glasgow University kendōka. “Reach” Pupils practicing basic cuts on armoured club members.

With a brief closing speech from Lauren Bergin (Secretary 16/17) about student life and what the Glasgow University Sports Association has done for in terms of leisure and social skills, the very successful night came to an overall close. However many of the pupils had lots of questions and were all to happy to direct them to members of the team. As a whole Glasgow University Kendo Club were truly grateful to have been asked to be involved in such an event and have received barrages of positive feedback about the event. It is hoped that we will be running similar such events in conjunction with “Reach” in the future.

A weekend of river racing


Cameron Floyd running Fishladder. (Photo: Chris Curry)

This weekend 8 members of Glasgow University Canoe Club headed up north for the annual North Esk River Race. 5 hours of faff later and we were nearly ready to get on the river. Saturday was spent practicing for the race in the sunshine, and involved some very sketchy lines down Rocks of Solitude, the gnarliest rapid in the advanced race. The evening was spent around the bonfire and watching Cameron trying to eat Curry In A Can.

On Sunday it was race day, some feasted on the breakfast of champions whilst others feasted on the breakfast of 20th place! The roar of the river set trepidation into the hearts of some, but it could barely be heard over the whining of people pulling on wet kit from the day before. Fierce battle ensued as the paddlers fought it out for the fastest lines down the rapids. GUCC had a successful day with Kate Whitaker taking 1st Place Intermediate Women, Logan Duguid 3rd Place in Intermediate Men and commodore Catriona McBride 2nd Place in Advanced Women.

Once the intermediate and advanced races were over people’s thoughts turned to the Iron (Wo)Man. Did they have it in them? Were they tough enough? Could they face the long and gruelling paddle down the entire river, followed by an arduous run back to the top of the course? Some thought they could, others had less faith but entered anyway with Catriona McBride, Cameron Floyd and John Rothwell representing GUCC. Well done to Cat for coming 2nd in the Iron Woman.

Overall an incredible weekend and a massive thank you to Aberdeen University Canoe Club for organising it. Well done to all our prize winners!

Kendo – Northern Grading and Scottish Universities’ Taikai

The past weeks have been very successful for the GU Kendo Club. On the weekend 26th-27th of March, the club participated in the annual northern kendo seminar and grading. On Saturday, more than 10 members attended the seminar, showing a strong presence. On Sunday’s grading, 7 members graded, with 6 of them passing, 5 of which acquired their ikkyu grade (the highest rank before dan) and one acquired her sandan (3rd dan) grade, which is considered a relatively high rank.

After that, on Saturday 2nd of April, the GUKC participated in the first Scottish Universities’ Taikai, where we earned a number of achievements. In the men’s kyu competition (beginners level before dan), Stanyo Dinov and Shu Yao Man achieved 3rd place and earned bronze medal. In the kyu teams’ competition, our team consisting of 2 members of our club (Shu Yao Man and Ahsan Ahmad) and one of Strathclyde University (Fabian Petersen), again achieved 3rd place. Finally, in the open team’s competition our 5-member team also achieved third place and earned bronze medal. The team consisted of Stanyo Dinov, Yankei Lai, Fraser Campbell, Nikolas Zivanas and Yugo Sato, with Matej Poliacek replacing Yankei Lai after her small arm injury


Success at Celtwake!

April 2nd marked the date of the second ever Celtwake wakeboarding competition. First hosted by our very own University of Glasgow wakeboarding club last year the event was held in Belfast by Queens Univerisity Belfast club for its second year. Over 40 competitors of all levels from 8 Scottish and Irish universities entered the competition this year making it the biggest yet!   A fantastic weekend   resulting in three of our very best taking home medals and Glasgow winning second place in the competition overall- an incredible result. 


Women’s Intermediate:  Andrea Cassells winning GOLD

Women’s Advanced: Holly Kennedy winning GOLD

Men’s Novice: Connel Arthur winning SILVER

As the competition goes from strength to strength each year we have no doubt that Glasgow will continue to maintain its reputation of being one of the strongest wakeboarding clubs in both Ireland and Scotland to date.  


Hard Fought Final for the Tigers

12094733_200672956966321_1805844180012960619_oGlasgow University Tigers lost 13-9 to NTU Renegades in the BUCS Division 1 Northern Final.

The tigers season came to an end in a hard fought game.
The first half was a grind as both defences kept a clean sheet. The Tigers scored first, a safety at the end of the 3rd quarter. At the beginning of the 4th Michael Church ran from over 30 yards for a touchdown. Extra Point was good and Tigers led 9-0. The Renegades came back firing and put up a touchdown. After a PI call on our defence NTU gained great field position and scored again.
A bitter end to the perfect season for the Tigers 10-1. And the second year in a row where the team went undefeated to the final and lost. There were broken hearts all around which was made worse for 10 players who, for them, that was there final game as a GU Tiger. They include:

David Brooks – Outside Linebacker -#69
David Ellen – Outside Linebacker – #23
Lassi Heikkila – Wide Receiver and Quarterback – #9
Alexey Koltsov – Defensive End – #42
Tom Lachendro – Defensive Line, Running back, wide receiver…. anywhere… – Hot Sauce #50, #52, #1, #15, #95, #13 
Ross Maclean – Offensive Tackle – #79
Kenneth Maguire – Offensive Guard – #62
Jose Alberto Alvarez Martin – Quarterback – #3
Sam Sutherland – Outside Linebacker – #37
Michael Yule – Wide Receiver – #87

Jonas Hammerskog – Centre – #77

The club wishes the players all the best.
Congrats on NTU and their season and good luck in the premiership next year.

Road to the finals!

Tigers won 6-0 sunday against the Sheffield Sabres. Beautiful sunny day hard fought win against a fellow black and gold team. Great guys and an extremely sportman like game.

Tigers need to step up for the playoffs against Newcastle Raiders or Warick Wolves.